Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What Does Samoa Have That The CNMI Doesn't Have?

The Samoa Team has the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team and they HATE the CNMI. At first I thought it was racism.

It's about the money. It's about politics. Let me refresh your memory with this article. http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=64701&cat=1

Does everyone get it yet? Samoa has a representative who happens to be a Democrat (flush with fishing cash) . Pelosi has a big businesses (giving lots of fishing cash) in her district that does business in Samoa. Lots of campaign money flying around like flapping fish caught up in all those fishing nets. Unfortunately, the CNMI has NO representative.

The Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team like to be champion of women's issues -- but only with selective memory. They were willing to fly in one woman from one isolated incident in the CNMI. What about flying in the 17 people who were locked up in Samoa so they can testify about the need for an immigration takeover there? I'd like to see David Cohen testify that there needs to be "good legislation" for Samoa.

David Cohen should be protecting all the Insular Areas -- not just his favorite one. Worse yet, he is aiding the agenda of the Democrats who are trying to destroy the economy of one of the Islands he is supposed to serve.

The Democrats want to destroy the economy of the CNMI and use the backs of our people to win again in '08. We just want fairness. We are real people with real difficulties. Please do not use our lives for your political gain.

I still think racism has a little to do with it though -- look at what their liberal supporters call our people and our Islands. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/2/364/32151 These people are the ones driving the hatred and pushing the support of the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team.


Fair & Balanced said...

Someone at the White House or the Senate for that matter, should look at the contracts given out by OIA to American Samoans.

There is a hand picked one here in the CNMI...$250,000 to family members of David Cohen.


Nope, just like there is no conflict with US Minimum Wage being raised for everyone except American Samoa.


Nope, just like there is no conflict with Federal Immigration being implemented in the CNMI but NOT American Samoa.

Why is this so hard for everyone to see?

Anonymous said...

Do you have proof of this allegation? If so, produce. Otherwise shut your trap. I do not believe that our leadership in OIA would do such a thing.