Saturday, March 3, 2007

Democrats are Calling for War on the CNMI

Since taking the majority on the Hill in Washington, the Democrats have begun their campaign to destroy the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.

The Democrats started by pushing to increase small business costs by more than doubling wages. The CNMI's hourly wages should equal that of New York City? Where's the rationale with that? There really isn't -- the Democrats just want to beat down the CNMI economy -- hurting small businesses by more than doubling the cost of business. They seem to forget that many small shop and restaurants owners are in difficult positions, because many of their sons and daughters are fighting in in the US military (some have sacrificed lives) and can't help back at the family business -- the Democrats want to make it more difficult for the good people of the CNMI.

Now, the Democrats want to attack the CNMI's immigration system by suggesting the US take over. Their rationale is the need for immigration reform. Shouldn't they worry more about the borders of the US which are in dire need of attention -- or is this a way for the Dems to say they're for immigration reform and do nothing in their own backyard. This is hypocrisy at its very best. They demonize the CNMI with old facts and mistruths, while ignore the real problems of illegal immigration and inter-country drug trade on the US/Mexico border.

Why are the Democrats attacking the CNMI? Politics is a big part. The Democrats are looking for anything to keep the names Abramoff and Delay floating around to 2008 elections. Attacking the CNMI placates to the liberals in the Democrat Party. The CNMI did absolutely nothing wrong. Abramoff had several clients -- why aren't the Dems attacking them?

But could there be more? Hmmmmmmm....

Look at this:

Seems that the Democrat leadership has a private interest in fishing. Big bucks! Interestingly enough -- there's a big company in Pelosi's district which owns a very large tuna canning facility in American Samoa.

Are the Democrats being fair with all the insular areas? What about Samoa's minimum wage? What about a federal take over of Samoa's immigration?

Could it be that drawing up old facts and mistruths only helps the Democrat Party politically, while at the same time give another set of islands a better and competitive advantage?

Hmmmmmmm....stay tuned.


joe said...

What's more important to the majority of American citizens - immigration takeover in the CNMI or the illegal immigrants flooding the southern border and crossing over from Mexico? Why are the reps in DC so involved in the Marianas? I'm beginning to wonder there are personal objectives which may not comply with the interests of their mainland constituents. Hmmmmmm
Let's pull the plank out before we worry about the specks.

Bruce M said...

This is payback by the DC liberals who got their ass kicked by Abramoff.

People like George Miller, Nancy Pelosi and Allen Stayman are all itching to punish the CNMI for hiring a sleezeball like Abramoff.

Hey, if you ask me, Abramoff was just the pinnacle of a huge lobby iceberg that was floating around the US Congress. I would venture to say that 90% of the lobby criminals were swimming beneath the visible ocean line and Abromoff was the part that was exposed.

Lobbyists are nothing new to DC and everyone knows their pay to play schemes. Abramoff was the biggest and most flamboyant that is why he got crushed.

However, to blame the client, in this case the CNMI, for using what every other US industry and political action group used in DC (lobbying firms) is just stupid.

I don’t see anyone going after the Indian Tribes for protecting their gaming industry? Hmmmmm….I wonder why….

Could it be because the California Congressman wanted to protect their sacred cash cows of state gaming tax revenue??

People need to wake up and see what this witch hunt is really about.

The Democratic controlled congress just wants to use the CNMI to rehash old news with old facts for a new cause.

What is that new cause per say?....

Maybe the 08 elections. Pure and simple mud slinging between the Democrats and Republicans and the CNMI is being used as the “mud”.

Thanks Sarah….you are a shimmering light of truth in this mud slinging game.

Keep up the good work and keep the truth alive by exposing more!

The CNMI thanks you!