Saturday, March 3, 2007

Office of Insular Affairs Working With Democrat Leadership?

An overwhelming majority of the people of the NMI are against the federal take over of its immigration.

Many Americans on the Mainland will be against a federal takeover. It will cost US Taxpayers $100s of millions of dollars. Is America prepared to pay the millions of dollars necessary to take over the Island's immigration?

The Democrats are claiming that illegal immigration on the Islands is a security threat to the US. I don't think illegal aliens will be coming to Saipan to then get on a boat to the US. We're thousands of miles away. I think the Democrats should focus on spending the money where the real problem of US Immigration is -- the US/Mexico/Canada borders.

The real issue is that the Democrats in Washington wish to cripple the CNMI economy. By taking over immigration -- Democrats will create hurdles for foreign investors -- preventing interested investors from investing in the Islands.

Given that the Islands look to tourism as a major industry -- a federal takeover would literally kill the industry. There are thousands more jobs on the Islands than actual citizens. Who would work in the necessary jobs in the service industry?

Tourist numbers would dwindle, because getting a visa to visit under a federal takeover would essentially be near impossible.

The Democrats are working hard to destroy the CNMI economy.

Well, if it was difficult for foreign labor to work in the CNMI and it was difficult to visit the CNMI and it was difficult to invest in the CNMI -- where could people go to work, visit and invest?

Did you know that David Cohen, the lead guy in charge of Insular Affairs (with jurisdiction of the Pacific Islands) has a "favorite" set of islands himself? And, they happen to be the same set of islands that have a strong tie to the Democrat Leadership in DC --

Is this a coincidence?


Anonymous said...

DOI/Insular should be looking out for ALL the Islands equally. With rough times with the economies of the various islands, one must wonder why the minimum wage and immigration policies of one set of islands are spotlighted for changes and not another. What gives? Or, better yet, who is giving?

tootle56 said...


This stinks of OIA favortism. Did you know that David Cohen was an American Samoan?

Why do you think that American Samoa was left out of the Minimum Wage Bill?

And now that Immigration is being tossed around, why is American Samoa again "off the table"??

According to Allen Stayman from the Senate Energy Committee, the US Congress is concerned with the control of America's borders. This is why the US must take over the CNMI's immigration. It is for national security and to protect the US citizens within that border.

For those of you who don't know, American Samoa IS A US JURISDICTION and it has US Citizens living there. Yet according to David Cohen and Allen Stayman, American Samoa is not being considered for Federalization of its borders.


Is it becuase the US Citizens living in American Samoa don't deserve to be protected?

Something is fishy here and it aint the tuny canneries on American Samoa either...