Thursday, March 22, 2007

Voice Your Support AGAINST a Federal Takeover!

We may live thousands of miles away, but our voices can easily be heard. Our friends in the US mainland can also vocalize their disappointment in the fact that the DC Democrats are more interested in wasting US Taxpayer dollars to destroy the CNMI economy with a federal takeover then addressing REAL immigration reform in the US.

Go to this link:

There, you can simply fill out your name and contact information. When you hit the "submit" button, the prewritten email stating your position AGAINST a federal takeover will be emailed to all the US Senate members on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. And, for extra value -- all of the US Congress (House and Senate) will get cc'd.

Send this link to your family and friends. Let them know that we won't let them waste US Taxpayers' money and destroy the CNMI economy without a fight!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cohen Works For Homeland Security?

Cohen is so anxious to give cover to his friends in Samoa that he's willing to sell the CNMI out. We all know that he has pulled the waffle -- "the Administration supports legislation, ""the Administration does not support legislation,"" the Administration encourages legislation, but there is no legislation." Cohen flip flops.

Cohen states that the White House approved of his prewritten statements, but his statement regarding the position of the White House was in the question and answer period -- how could the White House approve his answers? He has LIED to the people of the CNMI. See the script from the hearing:
Chairman Bingaman: “….so is it the administration’s position that it wants to work with Congress to develop (federal immigration) legislation that will be sensitive to these problems and can be passed in this Congress? Is that the administration’s position?”

Dep Asst Sec Cohen: “YES………we are absolutely ready to work with our congress on good (federal immigration) legislation. We don’t necessarily say that that is the only option but we are here ready to work with you to fashion good (federal immigration) legislation…

Chairman Bingaman: “is there a better option”

Dep Asst Sec Cohen: “Perhaps not…..good (federal immigration) legislation perhaps is the best option and we are still studying that and we are studying that and the a legislation that had been passed before in light of a current circumstances and current needs, I think mostly we want to make sure that we don’t inadvertently do anything that would be harmful”

Chairman Bingaman: “right….in 2001 the administration strongly supported the bill that this committee reported out and passed through the full senate, a I guess you are saying that a you are a little luke warm on the whole idea of us passing (federal immigration) legislation in this area now…or am I misreading that?….I am just trying, I’m trying to figure out to what extent is the administration is willing to … to fully engage with the congress with this committee in developing (federal immigration) legislation that we can then move ahead with”

Dep Asst Sec Cohen: “yeah…Mr. Chairman I would not say that we are luke warm about working with you to pass (federal immigration) legislation, we are just cautioning a…you know…against a the potential side effects of bad (federal immigration) legislation….but I think good (federal immigration) legislation which is something that would result in the type of process that we are all talking about a….can really help the situation and put the CNMI on a path to a much -stronger and more secure future”


Take a look for yourself -- Cohen responds that the Administration's position is to work with Congress for a Federal Takeover. But, when asked directly by media -- Cohen states that the White House does not have a position -- which is it? Someone is lying.

Now, he's meeting with Foreign Nationals to discuss immigration. Isn't this the job of Homeland Security or the State Department?

If he's going to meet with Foreign Nationals regarding immigration -- why not meet with the Koreans who were held prisoner by a garment manufacturer in Samoa?

We know all he is trying to do is rally support for an immigration take over in the CNMI. His job is to protect ALL the insular areas -- not punish one for the DC Democrats.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Do CNMI immigrant workers really want to be part of a US Guestworker Program?

Just recently, a report was published regarding the guestworker programs in the United States. It's an interesting read ( , especially given the fact that the DC Democrats are putting less attention to large scale abuse in their own backyards -- but demonize our Islands and our people because of a few isolated incidents (which most have been vigorously prosecuted). The report bascially states that there is widespread abuse of US immigration -- and the DC Democrat response? Extend US immigration policy to the CNMI.

Instead of wasting US Taxpayer money on a political shakedown for the benefit of the Democrat Party (ala Stayman/Pelosi/Tester/Miller/YesCohenToo), the Democrats should focus resources and attention to the REAL immigration problems of the US.

The American people want real results that truly affect them. Islands thousands of miles away with a handful of isolated incidents does not warrant a loss of resources, especially when the immediate US borders are under assault from drug smugglers, human traffickers and terrorists.

The numbers speak for themselves. Every individual border state in the US has greater numbers of problems regarding immigration compared to ALL the islands of the CNMI. Yet, the Democrats want to waste US Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Customs and other law enforcement resources on Islands too far away to hurt mainland US.

The DC Democrats are wanting to shakedown the Islands so bad, they have lost sight of doing what's best for the American people.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quietly They Lurk....The Liberals Plan...

So, it's been quiet, but the Stayman/Pelosi/Miller/Tester/Cohen Team have been reassessing.

The national immigration debate is starting to heat up. A majority of Americans want their immediate borders secure. A majority of Americans are against amnesty. Quite frankly, a majority of Americans really don't care about what's going on thousands of miles away on a small set of islands. They care about their own backyards -- especially when illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans, drug smugglers are selling their products to American children and terrorists continue to plot against America.

How is the Stayman "shake down" going to be justified by the DC Democrats? Federal takeover of CNMI immigration is just diverting necessary resources AWAY from the US Border Patrol, US Customs, Homeland Security and other US law enforcement agencies.

Drug smugglers, illegal immigrants, terrorists are crossing the immediate borders of the US and the Stayman's Democrat party wants to divert resources away from what America wants strengthened?

Americans want results for America. Stayman should focus on what's important to the American people -- not Islands which have not been major contributors to the Democrat party.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Support For The Campaign AGAINST Federal Takeover Continues To Grow!

Morris R. Jeppson, the weapon test officer for the Enola Gay mission, has written the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to voice his opinion and support AGAINST the proposed federal takeover.

Jeppson stated:

"[The] CNMI is uniquely situated to engage in commerce and tourism with Asian countries. Their economy depends on ready access to China, Philippines and Australia, rather than just the U.S., which is quite far away. I understand that the Senate is considering CNMI immigration and travel control in blanket legislation from the U.S., legislation that could unfairly impact the economy of the CNMI. I trust that the needs of the CNMI will be addressed during considerations by your committee.”

Morris Jeppson -- you are a hero. Thank you for your service during World War 2 and for writing your letter to protect the CNMI.

Fuzzy DC Democrat Math on the CNMI

So, unbeknownst to the Senators on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, what evidence does Stayman present to support that there are 6000 illegal aliens in the CNMI? He has no evidence – just fuzzy math.

A couple years ago, Stayman and his politically motivated DC Democrat cronies spouted out that there were over 7,000 (1000 more than he is stating now) undocumented workers in the CNMI. But, as CNMI Immigration Director Mel Grey was quoted (see post: ) states -- an “Amnesty” Program was created and only approximately 2,000 applied (more than half HAD legal status). Where were the other more than 5000 people that Stayman said exists?

They don’t exist. Saipan isn’t that big. It's a tiny island. It would be easy to find the 5000 people if they really existed. It’s his fuzzy math. Stayman’s background lends itself that if BIG contributions are given – the 5000 people would “disappear.”

Stayman and his Pelosi/Miller/Tester liberal cronies throw out big numbers even if they don’t exist -- no proof, nada. If Stayman really wants to help the CNMI and he serves on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources – why not help us with our energy issues? We do need help – not a take over of our immigration.

It would cost US Taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars to take over CNMI immigration. Since the DC Democrats are interested in spending all that money -- why not toss in another 20 million so we can have efficient energy and drinking water?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Maybe if the CNMI raises dough for Allen Stayman friends -- the federal immigration takeover will stop.

It's true that using government time and resources for partisan political activities violates the Hatch Act. Stayman learned this lesson back in the 1990s. As Director of Insular Affairs -- he was really Clinton's "Islands Shake Down" man.

Many people don't realize that he had to resign his post, because of the swirling ethics violations.

How effective was he at his job? Well ask Guam's business community during the 1996 cycle -- $382,000.00 for Clinton/Gore and $510,000.00 to the Democrat Party. A month after the elections, Guam was granted greater control over labor and immigration issues.

But, now, Stayman thinks the CNMI should have less? Who should we give to?

Stayman hasn't looked into Samoa. Who is their business community giving to (I'm smelling fish money in Dem Leadership coffers)?

Nothing against the other islands. What they do is their own business. We just don't won't cave to a shake up artist.

Stayman should worry less about his personal vendetta and partisan politics and focus on the American people. As a government employee, he should focus on the important issues which are pressing in the US. He serves the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Since he decided to visit the Islands -- maybe he could have spent more time focusing on energy issues? We have serious energy issues -- high costs, minimal capacity, rolling brown outs. Being on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources -- couldn't he help our Islands?We have American citizens who could use the help -- but he ignores our true needs.

Stayman doesn't care -- unless you write the big checks to the DNC. He has a track record to prove it.

There Has Been Major Improvement on the CNMI!

Thanks to the Fitial Administration -- there has been daily improvements with the CNMI's immigration challenges. The DC Democrats like to pound out old outdated and isolated incidents to further promote their political agenda and destroy the CNMI economy.

Look at today's paper:

The DC Democrats don't want the rest of the folks in DC to learn that improvement is constantly happening to improve the CNMI -- without a federal take over.

If the DC Democrats really want to assist the people of the CNMI, why not focus on legislation which will stimulate the local economy? What about efforts to help bring drinking water infrastructure to the US Citizens and visitors of the CNMI? In fact, bringing in infrastructure to help us have drinking water would cost LESS than what the US taxpayers would have to pay to federalize our immigration. This alone would help our people while create a strong infrastructure to invite good foreign investment -- so we can rely on ourselves and our hard work.

Based on the DC Democrats' quick and aggressive legislative assault. Their true agenda is clear -- destroy the people of the CNMI with their mean-spirited demonization of our Islands while creating legislation to which will zap growth from our economy.

We are able to help ourselves as long as the DC Democrats are stopped.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cohen's Confusion

Cohen first says the Administration takes the position of supporting legislation for a federal takeover of CNMI's immigration.

Cohen then states that three offices in the White House viewed and approved his prepared statements.

Cohen fails to mention that it was not in his prepared statements that he stated that the Administration supports legislation for a federal takeover of CNMI's immigration. He stated that the Administration supports a federal take over during the questions and answers period -- which cannot be preapproved.

When questioned again for a recent media interview, he says that it is true that the Administration does NOT take a position on legislation for a federal takeover of CNMI's immigration.

So, Cohen states that the Administration supports legislation for a federal takeover of CNMI's immigration. Then, the public finds out that the Administration has no opinion on the issue. Then, Cohen says his prepared statements were cleared by the White House. Then he states that the Administration does not have a position on the federal takeover of the CNMI's immigration.

Bottom line -- Cohen states that the White House takes no position on the issue of a federal take over of the CNMI.

Does Stayman Have The Background To Help The CNMI?

One thing about our dear friend -- Allen Stayman --is that he is a highly decorated public servant and interesting friend (Not!) of the CNMI. He's not new to the scene as you can see in this 1999 Press Release

Allen Stayman is in the Ethics Hall of Shame. Congratulations, again, Allen!

We must remind people that Stayman is a Democrat party attack dog. He has a history of trying to stick it to our people and to the CNMI. He's a one man lynch mob. If an Insular Island doesn't cough up dough for the DNC, he'll take your Island down.

It's scarry to think that the new majority on the Hill would allow evident partisan players with questionable ethics to help direct policy. If Stayman utilized his previous positions to hurt the CNMI and aid Democrats -- what does everyone think he'll do now at Energy and Natural Resources?

CNMI, rally together and stop the madness! The Stayman train needs to stop!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Is Stayman Sincere In Wanting To Help? Not.

Stayman is nothing more than a DC Democrat attack dog. He and the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team (throw in Miller, but he's a has been) LOVE to address how they want to end corruption, blah, blah, blah....

Let us rewind,

Campaigning while on the federal payroll? Signing off on memos he doesn't recall?

Stayman, himself, is an individual with proven questionable ethics. He has a track record of attacking the CNMI. Stayman has a track record of placing politics over anything else. He is vicious and he hates the people of the CNMI.

And, he claims he wants to work with the people of the CNMI?

He's the secret weapon for the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team -- don't let him fool you.

What Does Samoa Have That The CNMI Doesn't Have?

The Samoa Team has the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team and they HATE the CNMI. At first I thought it was racism.

It's about the money. It's about politics. Let me refresh your memory with this article.

Does everyone get it yet? Samoa has a representative who happens to be a Democrat (flush with fishing cash) . Pelosi has a big businesses (giving lots of fishing cash) in her district that does business in Samoa. Lots of campaign money flying around like flapping fish caught up in all those fishing nets. Unfortunately, the CNMI has NO representative.

The Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team like to be champion of women's issues -- but only with selective memory. They were willing to fly in one woman from one isolated incident in the CNMI. What about flying in the 17 people who were locked up in Samoa so they can testify about the need for an immigration takeover there? I'd like to see David Cohen testify that there needs to be "good legislation" for Samoa.

David Cohen should be protecting all the Insular Areas -- not just his favorite one. Worse yet, he is aiding the agenda of the Democrats who are trying to destroy the economy of one of the Islands he is supposed to serve.

The Democrats want to destroy the economy of the CNMI and use the backs of our people to win again in '08. We just want fairness. We are real people with real difficulties. Please do not use our lives for your political gain.

I still think racism has a little to do with it though -- look at what their liberal supporters call our people and our Islands. These people are the ones driving the hatred and pushing the support of the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team.


Here it is, plain and simple. The DC Democrats like to create this cloud of corruption with old outdated information and mistruths. Their hope is to create such confusion that people ignore what is currently going on.

Here is the set up with the cast of characters:

Leading woman: Pelosi, Leading man: Cohen...and introducing Tester as supporting lead.

The set up goes like this:

Some Dem leaders have large vested interest in a company -- Del Monte...tied to Heinz? Del Monte is in the Speaker's district. Del Monte owns Starkist who happens to can in Samoa.

Politically, Dems want to keep rehashing old news on the outdated Abramoff scandal and carry it through the "08 elections, while at the same time punish his former client -- the CNMI

Leading man has strong roots in Samoa.


It starts with a bill to increase the minimum wage in the Insular areas -- specifically the CNMI, but waives Samoa. It protects Del Monte, gives Samoa an edge over the other Insular areas in wages and allows the rehashing of old and "kicking a dead horse" scandal. Lead roles meet and fall in love.


The American people smell a fish...(like that?). Light is shed on the Pelosi/Starkist connection. Light is also shed on Cohen/Samoa connection. All sides back down. What to do if minimum wage increase expands to Samoa? Maybe give them the edge by attacking CNMI immigration?


Tester leads the charge in the Senate. Tester wants to protect the US Citizens in the CNMI (while not asking the people since he can't even find the CNMI on the map) and pushes for the federal takeover of Insular areas.....BUT doesn't speak of Samoa. Smell fishy yet? Ahhhhhhhh....where is Cohen? Why helping to organize the testimony of a victim of an isolated incident (the bad guys were severely punished BTW) and suggesting in hearings that the federal government should take over the CNMI's immigration.

No mention of Samoa's immigration. Could it now have an edge? With a federal takeover of the CNMI's immigration -- are there US working Visas? I don't believe so -- then when ALL the garment factories shut down and tourism really slows down in the CNMI-- guess which island wins?

Pelosi wins (thanks Starkist), Cohen wins (thanks Samoa), and Tester wins (kicking an old dead horse of scandal).

Meanwhile, meaningful debate on immigration reform in the US is ignored by them. It seems that the CNMI's immigration policies are of greater value to move quickly on as opposed to the US's

Monday, March 5, 2007

Liberals Showing That Racism Is Their Motivator!

The Daily Kos is a website that is commonly visited by liberals throughout the US. If you look at posting regarding our islands -- you will find several statements which prove to be very racist. It's interesting that these liberals claim to protect all people, yet they stereotype and feel compelled to spread lies to get their way.

In posts, the people of the CNMI are stereotyped and made to look inferior. The individuals who post call our people "human trafficers," "sweat shop owners," and "money launderers." The folks posting have no shame in showing thier distrust of the Chinese and other Asian cultures. Feel free to see yourselves --

The CNMI is under US jurisdiction. If there is money laundering -- where is the FBI? We are under the same banking system as any state in the US. "Human traffickers?" They like to make it sound pervasive, but there have only been a few isolated incidents -- no different then a suburb of a major city in the US. I'm willing to bet that these issues are a larger problem in the city of New York. It's amazing how the DC Democrats are demonizing our people for their political benefit in Washington.

The strange thing is that they are making this a partisan issue claiming that the CNMI are full of GOPers (which we know isn't necessarily true). Interestingly enough, the CNMI is being represented by a couple Dem DC lobbying firms -- one tied to Kennedy/Biden. Maybe this is all a money shakedown on the Islands being organized by leadership in conjunction with some of the lobbying firms?

We are hard working people with strong family values. The Democrats in DC will make up any story to destroy our economy thus destroy our people. They also play favorites -- destroying some people and helping others (those islands where Dem leadership have financial interest).

Let's all work hard together to let the DC Democrats know that we will not tolerate their hateful and mean-spirited rhetoric of our people and our Islands. Let's also remind everyone that we have many of our sons and daughters fighting for the US. We are not the evil people the Daily Kos people and the liberal DC Democrats make us out to be. As a reminder of our sacrifices, feel free to share this link to all of them. Please remind the DC Democrats that we are not as bad as they say we are and our people have sacrificed for freedom.

Please have all of your friends in the US email the Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resource Committee Jeff Bingaman and tell him that you are AGAINST a federal takeover of the CNMI. To do so, please click on this link

On behalf of the good people of the CNMI -- thank you.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Immigrant Workers Being Used By DC Democrats

So, a few DC Democrats are spending time trying to organize and rally immigrant workers here in Saipan to push for support of a federal take over of the CNMI's immigration.

The US citizens here in on the Islands are appreciative of your work and efforts. There is no question about this fact. The simple reality is that when many chose to leave your country -- many were in search of more freedom and greater opportunity. If US citizenship was part of your goal -- why didn't you simply apply to immigrate to the United States?

Could it be that the immigration system in the United States was difficult for many of you? And, if so, what makes you think it will be easier should the federal takeover happen?

Should a federal takeover occur -- this is what will happen to many of the immigrant workers -- even if you have worked on the CNMI for decades.

First, many will be sent back to their original country of origin. Good luck trying to come back -- even if your children are American citizens. If you don't believe me -- look how many family members are still trying to reunite with relatives who are US citizens and living in the US.

Assuming you follow the laws after a federal take over -- you will have to go back to your original country of origin to reapply for a new working visa -- your application will be placed at the beginning of the line to follow the procedures and timelines of the US immigration system.

Have you spoken to friends who are back in your country of origin? Ask them how long and how difficult it is to get a working visa to the US. This will be the new system that you will be supporting. I have relatives in the Philippines and they applied for working visas to the US -- over 7 years ago and they are still waiting.

Immigrant workers of the CNMI, please don't get sucked in by the DC Democrats. They are truly trying to destroy the CNMI economy. The DC Democrats have already hurt our economy by creating doubt with business owners and possible investors.

If your dream is to be US citizens -- go for it -- I encourage you to pursue your dream. You can apply and try to immigrate to the US at anytime, but know that should a federal takeover happen in the CNMI-- your chances will not improve either way. All that a takeover will accomplish is the destruction of the CNMI economy. The result is the closing of more businesses and the loss of thousands of more jobs -- one of which could be yours. Please save your job and the CNMI and protect us from the onslaught of the DC Democrats. Don't believe their lies.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Call To Action! Stop the Democrat Onslaught of the CNMI!

Senator Pete Domenici is the ranking Republican for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Please email him and tell him to save the CNMI from a federal takeover. Tell the Senator that a federal takeover will only hurt small businesses, cut jobs and destroy our economy. Also, tell him that this will be costly to the American taxpayer and that the money is better strengthening the borders of the US.

You can email him using this form:

Thank you for your support and taking the time out to help the families of the CNMI.

I Bet Senator Tester Doesn't Even Know Where the CNMI Is On A Map.

Senator Tester, in recent hearings, sat and threw out a handful of questions, really didn't listen to the answers and when he made his points (through the way he asked questions) created a negative and false image of the Islands -- he suggested that the CNMI was an island filled with organized crime, a high drug using population and a community which supports abuse of women abroad.

I looked at statistics and if you look into the actual numbers -- the state Tester represents has HIGHER numbers of crime in every category in comparison to the CNMI. Before he bashes the good people of the CNMI, he should actually worry about the state he was elected to serve. Feel free to compare Tester's State's crime rate with ours

He likes to demonize the CNMI so he can continue to raise money from his liberal groups.

Let me set the record straight. The people of the CNMI are a good people. We don't ask the US for entitlements or complain that we need more. We have pride in our community and work hard for ourselves and for our families.

A strong majority of our community is Catholic -- and if Tester and the rest of his liberal friends understood anything about God and our faith -- good Catholic Island women aren't easily disrespected by men-- we run the home. :-) Our Islands are far from being abusive to women -- I'm curious of the statistics in Tester's home state with regard to abuse of women (feel free to compare crime stats above).

Tourism is one of our largest industries. One thing that Tester fails to mention is that most of the people who visit are families. That's right -- mothers and fathers with their children. Most of the families who visit are Asian -- maybe Tester has a problem with Asians. Maybe Tester has a problem with Islanders -- I'm not too sure (I think he really has an issue that we are Catholics).

Many of our biggest resorts cater to families with wonderful amenities for children -- below you will see links to two of my favorites. The wonderful thing is that our Islands are much more affordable for families than most resorts in the US. We enjoy the laughter of children on our beaches and the warmth of the families who visit.

Senator Tester would rather attack our Islands with lies. He would rather attack those who invest in our hard work and the wonderful Asian communities who visit.

We're thousands of miles away and he probably could not find us on a map easily, yet Tester speaks as if he knows our Islands. He is sooooooo far from the truth, but he is the type to say anything despite the problems in his own back yard and for more $$$$$$$ from his liberal friends.

My hope is that US legislators find the truth and support the hard working, God loving people of the CNMI and share appreciation to the families who visit our humble Islands.

Office of Insular Affairs Working With Democrat Leadership?

An overwhelming majority of the people of the NMI are against the federal take over of its immigration.

Many Americans on the Mainland will be against a federal takeover. It will cost US Taxpayers $100s of millions of dollars. Is America prepared to pay the millions of dollars necessary to take over the Island's immigration?

The Democrats are claiming that illegal immigration on the Islands is a security threat to the US. I don't think illegal aliens will be coming to Saipan to then get on a boat to the US. We're thousands of miles away. I think the Democrats should focus on spending the money where the real problem of US Immigration is -- the US/Mexico/Canada borders.

The real issue is that the Democrats in Washington wish to cripple the CNMI economy. By taking over immigration -- Democrats will create hurdles for foreign investors -- preventing interested investors from investing in the Islands.

Given that the Islands look to tourism as a major industry -- a federal takeover would literally kill the industry. There are thousands more jobs on the Islands than actual citizens. Who would work in the necessary jobs in the service industry?

Tourist numbers would dwindle, because getting a visa to visit under a federal takeover would essentially be near impossible.

The Democrats are working hard to destroy the CNMI economy.

Well, if it was difficult for foreign labor to work in the CNMI and it was difficult to visit the CNMI and it was difficult to invest in the CNMI -- where could people go to work, visit and invest?

Did you know that David Cohen, the lead guy in charge of Insular Affairs (with jurisdiction of the Pacific Islands) has a "favorite" set of islands himself? And, they happen to be the same set of islands that have a strong tie to the Democrat Leadership in DC --

Is this a coincidence?

Democrats are Calling for War on the CNMI

Since taking the majority on the Hill in Washington, the Democrats have begun their campaign to destroy the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.

The Democrats started by pushing to increase small business costs by more than doubling wages. The CNMI's hourly wages should equal that of New York City? Where's the rationale with that? There really isn't -- the Democrats just want to beat down the CNMI economy -- hurting small businesses by more than doubling the cost of business. They seem to forget that many small shop and restaurants owners are in difficult positions, because many of their sons and daughters are fighting in in the US military (some have sacrificed lives) and can't help back at the family business -- the Democrats want to make it more difficult for the good people of the CNMI.

Now, the Democrats want to attack the CNMI's immigration system by suggesting the US take over. Their rationale is the need for immigration reform. Shouldn't they worry more about the borders of the US which are in dire need of attention -- or is this a way for the Dems to say they're for immigration reform and do nothing in their own backyard. This is hypocrisy at its very best. They demonize the CNMI with old facts and mistruths, while ignore the real problems of illegal immigration and inter-country drug trade on the US/Mexico border.

Why are the Democrats attacking the CNMI? Politics is a big part. The Democrats are looking for anything to keep the names Abramoff and Delay floating around to 2008 elections. Attacking the CNMI placates to the liberals in the Democrat Party. The CNMI did absolutely nothing wrong. Abramoff had several clients -- why aren't the Dems attacking them?

But could there be more? Hmmmmmmm....

Look at this:

Seems that the Democrat leadership has a private interest in fishing. Big bucks! Interestingly enough -- there's a big company in Pelosi's district which owns a very large tuna canning facility in American Samoa.

Are the Democrats being fair with all the insular areas? What about Samoa's minimum wage? What about a federal take over of Samoa's immigration?

Could it be that drawing up old facts and mistruths only helps the Democrat Party politically, while at the same time give another set of islands a better and competitive advantage?

Hmmmmmmm....stay tuned.