Friday, March 9, 2007

Support For The Campaign AGAINST Federal Takeover Continues To Grow!

Morris R. Jeppson, the weapon test officer for the Enola Gay mission, has written the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee to voice his opinion and support AGAINST the proposed federal takeover.

Jeppson stated:

"[The] CNMI is uniquely situated to engage in commerce and tourism with Asian countries. Their economy depends on ready access to China, Philippines and Australia, rather than just the U.S., which is quite far away. I understand that the Senate is considering CNMI immigration and travel control in blanket legislation from the U.S., legislation that could unfairly impact the economy of the CNMI. I trust that the needs of the CNMI will be addressed during considerations by your committee.”

Morris Jeppson -- you are a hero. Thank you for your service during World War 2 and for writing your letter to protect the CNMI.


Anonymous said...

love your who's sleeping with who and why news worthy postings

would like to see you write something about who's sleeping with who locally (meaning current local government officials) as the people need to know if their interests are really being looked after...interesting article check it out
ask yourself who locally profits if the feds take over? it may be even bigger than stinky fish!

LiberalsHateAsians said...

Every successful business person contributes to various candidates. Sometimes they give to members of both parties.

Notice that the last poster would like to highlight the Tan family.

Isn't it interesting that when a successful business person of Asian descent does well and is politically active, the DC Democrat liberals' true racist colors come out?

George Soros gives WAY more money and he's a hero. An Asian gives a little and he's coorupt.

I bet if the Tans were French -- they would be loved.

Sandy Q said...

A lot of the "far-lefters" on Saipan (and there are a hell of a lot of them) would like the US mainland public to believe that the Tan family runs our islands with his currupt "republican-loving" ways, but they are wrong.

These far-lefters are so anti-tan that they are willing to endorse posts on daily kos by an obiously liberal racist that would rather remove all asians from the CNMI and replace them with democrats as long as they are all "non-asian". Because if you read dengre's comments in his diary you will see all the anti-asian sentiment he spews.

Yet in order to spite the Tan family local bloggers are willing to provide links to this guy.


When we all wake up?!

Anonymous said...

It is funny you use the word "support" in your blog title today.

I don't see any "support" from the White House for this, yet OIA wants to offer "support" to a Senate Committee bent on taking us over.

I would like to see "supporting" proof for the US Senate Committee recomendations. All that is offered as "supporting" fact are individual instances from 10 years ago offered as rampant abuse that still occurs today.

Senator Akaka and Senator Tester need to hire better staff to pull "supporting" research for their arguments, strike that...I am sure they is just that staff can't find anything worthy and recent to base their soap box speaches on.

Anonymous said...

From the first post: Wow, assumptions! I guess on my part too.

I am an idealist, "one world, one race"; "all pitch in and share equally" then reality hits me in the many inequalities and suffering in life.

My point is to ask why a successful business person wants to financially support a candidate in a particular party that has agendas of federalizing the CNMI.
Does it go beyond Star-Kist?
What about up coming legislation on land ownership in the CNMI.

I cannot own land here and I am really OK with that! Why? Because it's not my land to own!

This small culture who has been through so much abuse because it is small has maintained much of their culture and to sell their land rights out would be very sad.

God blessed the islands people with location, location, location and the hound dogs are at their doors wanting a piece (if not all) of their location.

Lastly, I don't look up to a successful business person if they earned their money from the demise of others. I will just come out and say that the poker houses in Saipan have been painfully hurtful to many. As a mom of a disabled son leaves him in the car and goes in all day to gamble away his SIS money (that's just one story)

Anonymous said...

I don;t think the takeover will happen. The Dems aren't that dumb. If they do the tie between favortism and campaign money from other islands will create a scandal. It is the continuation of the Stayman shakedown of the 90s.

Anonymous said...

The Tan's can't win. If they contribute to Republicans it's obvious what's happening. Somehow it's even more evil to give to Democrats.

If they take profits off-island they're users, if they invest in hotels and apartments they're taking over.

pierre tan said...

Finally, found me a blog worth reading. Used to frequent a "fluff of a blog" on the other side where people like us, love Saipan too. No more. The lad leans a little too much to the left, and might even be an admirer of dengre as well.

Keep up the great blogging.
It seems your entries are never without a comment. I take it you're getting some heavy traffic coming through. Good on you.

Yes, indeed it is sad that people that claim they love Saipan would endorse outdated information posted on a "Saipan Sucks" blog disguised as dengre's.