Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death For the CNMI Looming

Stayman & Fellow DC Democrats continue their assault on the CNMI. They've increased the minimum wage and the result has been more closures of CNMI businesses.

They are working hard to kill tourism with a federal takeover of immigration.

If this happens -- I hope the US taxpayers are ready to pay for all the entitlements the CNMI will need since businesses will now be closed up and we'll all be jobless. With amnesty -- we'll have more mouths to feed.

Oh, and don't forget about the US taxpayers having to fund the immigration system in the CNMI -- that will be an additional cost to the US taxpayer.

Wait until we figure out the costs of all of this -- the taxpayers in the US will want to know come elections.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Dems & Immigration

They have been pushing the CNMI to jump off a cliff and create our own legislation to kill our immigration. They claim that if we don't -- they will deal with us during the national immigration debate in the States and we'll get rolled on.

Well, guess what -- the national debate has started and nothing is moving. The Dems have nowhere to go. The New Majority has been playing their same old games. We didn't cave to their demands for campaign money and they had to throw threats our way to scare the other Islands. Guess what -- lots of hot air and no delivery.

They love to scare Islanders into believing that the sky is falling and that they are out to help us. Well, the sky isn't falling and they are only out to help those who help them politically. Stayman, Pelosi, Cohen and evidently "Sell Out" Tenorio can't scare us with a dead debate.

They threatened over doubling our cost of businesses over night and threatened to take over our immigration. They hold the majority and can't get anything through their own chambers. They have been in the majority for over half the year and all they have to show for it is Pelosi visiting Damascus while our brothers and sisters sacrifice themselves and their families in the War on Terrorism.