Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Is The Name Of The Bill?

As predicted by me months ago -- the Immigration Bill in the US died. We would have been better off calling Stayman, Tenorio and Cohen's bluff by being part of that bill. Our people were scared off and a stand alone bill was created. Notice the word "immigration" appears nowhere on the Bill title. Instead -- they call it the "Northern Mariana Islands Covenant Implementation Act."

It's a way to pull the wool over other members of Congress and the Senate. They knew that the immigration debate would die -- thus the name of this stand alone bill. When the American public finds out that the Democrats allowed amnesty of aliens into a strategic location in the Pacific -- the voters will know in 2008.

Also, Tenorio will pay the price. He has committed political suicide under the guise that he believes it's good for our people -- when in fact -- he's sucking up to the new majority thinking they'll support him in the next election cycle. He should know how they operate -- they'll screw him like they're screwing us.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kempthorne Visit to the CNMI

So, Kempthorne will be here for short period of time, but he will have a very busy schedule. He is seen as a fair individual, so it's our hope that he sees all the sides of the immigration debate with long term vision and without the DC liberals banging away at the door. One also has to wonder what Cohen and Tenorio have been reporting back to the DC folks. They must be nervous to know that some of what they have said will be incorrect. Kempthorne should know that much of the advice has been based on individuals with strong personal political agendas.

First, there is no question that an immigration takeover will kill tourism. Second, the first people to lose jobs will be the foreign workers who support the take over. Who will give them jobs with an economy getting killed off. The locals will survive, but at the expense of the US taxpayer. Entitlements, healthcare, etc. will be heavily relied on -- in fact, it should be the quid pro quo for giving up immigration.

The immigration takeover will kill foreign investment -- thus kill any future business developments. Advocates for immigration takeover should answer the question -- who the heck will invest in the CNMI if foreign investment is killed?

So, what happens to the jobs? The tourists? All gone. Hopefully Kempthorne will get the true picture. The CNMI and our people are not as evil as the DC Democrats and the extremist bloggers make us to be.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death For the CNMI Looming

Stayman & Fellow DC Democrats continue their assault on the CNMI. They've increased the minimum wage and the result has been more closures of CNMI businesses.

They are working hard to kill tourism with a federal takeover of immigration.

If this happens -- I hope the US taxpayers are ready to pay for all the entitlements the CNMI will need since businesses will now be closed up and we'll all be jobless. With amnesty -- we'll have more mouths to feed.

Oh, and don't forget about the US taxpayers having to fund the immigration system in the CNMI -- that will be an additional cost to the US taxpayer.

Wait until we figure out the costs of all of this -- the taxpayers in the US will want to know come elections.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Dems & Immigration

They have been pushing the CNMI to jump off a cliff and create our own legislation to kill our immigration. They claim that if we don't -- they will deal with us during the national immigration debate in the States and we'll get rolled on.

Well, guess what -- the national debate has started and nothing is moving. The Dems have nowhere to go. The New Majority has been playing their same old games. We didn't cave to their demands for campaign money and they had to throw threats our way to scare the other Islands. Guess what -- lots of hot air and no delivery.

They love to scare Islanders into believing that the sky is falling and that they are out to help us. Well, the sky isn't falling and they are only out to help those who help them politically. Stayman, Pelosi, Cohen and evidently "Sell Out" Tenorio can't scare us with a dead debate.

They threatened over doubling our cost of businesses over night and threatened to take over our immigration. They hold the majority and can't get anything through their own chambers. They have been in the majority for over half the year and all they have to show for it is Pelosi visiting Damascus while our brothers and sisters sacrifice themselves and their families in the War on Terrorism.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Is Tenorio Thinking?

As we all know, Cohen is working with Stayman to stick it to the NMI. By helping Stayman, Cohen protects his friends in America Samoa (who also happens to be friends with Nancy "Friends of Damascas" Pelosi). Stayman then gets to stick it to the Islands who have never given to his political interests when he was head of Insular Affairs under Clinton.

There was a meeting in which was supposed to be for federal agenicies, but somehow, Tenorio was "brought in" to discuss some issues which were counter to the wishes of the NMI.

Could Tenorio be too cozy with the new majority in Congress? Could he be part of the Cohen/Stayman plan? Let's watch the money train! The DC Democrats like to bring up Abramoff, but it looks like they are planning a game to really rip off the NMI, while reward those who help.

There seems to be a plan being hatched to make the rest of DC believe that a federal takeover of immigration and the sudden and drastic increase in the minimum wage is what the NMI wishes for itself.

Business interests in America Samoa profiting from NMI punishment? Democrat Party hurting the NMI for its past support of the GOP? Tenorio possibly getting support from outsiders?

What is Tenorio thinking?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Damascas and Saipan

So, the DC Democrats are in control of both the US House and the US Senate. Instead of focusing on issues pertaining to US citizens, leadership has been focused on two areas --

The Federalization of NMI's immigration and opening up dialogue with Damascas -- international terrorism's bankroll.

Never mind the fact that most Americans want stronger borders on the mainland -- the DC Democrats would rather ignore the needs of Americans and would rather placate foreign nationals on a set of Islands thousands of miles a away by offering amnesty opportunities. Never mind that US troops need financial assistance -- DC Democrats sip coffee with the very leadership who pay for the guns and bullets that kill our soldiers.

The DC Democrats are in the majority and all they are doing is fostering anti-US sentiment. They wish to hurt the Insular areas, unless we pony up campaign dough and they placate the leaders of international terrorists.

It's unbelievable that even a tiny majority here on the Islands support this kind of leadership.
Let them know that you are against their federal takeover and their anti-American activities by visiting

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Voice Your Support AGAINST a Federal Takeover!

We may live thousands of miles away, but our voices can easily be heard. Our friends in the US mainland can also vocalize their disappointment in the fact that the DC Democrats are more interested in wasting US Taxpayer dollars to destroy the CNMI economy with a federal takeover then addressing REAL immigration reform in the US.

Go to this link:

There, you can simply fill out your name and contact information. When you hit the "submit" button, the prewritten email stating your position AGAINST a federal takeover will be emailed to all the US Senate members on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. And, for extra value -- all of the US Congress (House and Senate) will get cc'd.

Send this link to your family and friends. Let them know that we won't let them waste US Taxpayers' money and destroy the CNMI economy without a fight!