Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Is The Name Of The Bill?

As predicted by me months ago -- the Immigration Bill in the US died. We would have been better off calling Stayman, Tenorio and Cohen's bluff by being part of that bill. Our people were scared off and a stand alone bill was created. Notice the word "immigration" appears nowhere on the Bill title. Instead -- they call it the "Northern Mariana Islands Covenant Implementation Act."

It's a way to pull the wool over other members of Congress and the Senate. They knew that the immigration debate would die -- thus the name of this stand alone bill. When the American public finds out that the Democrats allowed amnesty of aliens into a strategic location in the Pacific -- the voters will know in 2008.

Also, Tenorio will pay the price. He has committed political suicide under the guise that he believes it's good for our people -- when in fact -- he's sucking up to the new majority thinking they'll support him in the next election cycle. He should know how they operate -- they'll screw him like they're screwing us.

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