Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kempthorne Visit to the CNMI

So, Kempthorne will be here for short period of time, but he will have a very busy schedule. He is seen as a fair individual, so it's our hope that he sees all the sides of the immigration debate with long term vision and without the DC liberals banging away at the door. One also has to wonder what Cohen and Tenorio have been reporting back to the DC folks. They must be nervous to know that some of what they have said will be incorrect. Kempthorne should know that much of the advice has been based on individuals with strong personal political agendas.

First, there is no question that an immigration takeover will kill tourism. Second, the first people to lose jobs will be the foreign workers who support the take over. Who will give them jobs with an economy getting killed off. The locals will survive, but at the expense of the US taxpayer. Entitlements, healthcare, etc. will be heavily relied on -- in fact, it should be the quid pro quo for giving up immigration.

The immigration takeover will kill foreign investment -- thus kill any future business developments. Advocates for immigration takeover should answer the question -- who the heck will invest in the CNMI if foreign investment is killed?

So, what happens to the jobs? The tourists? All gone. Hopefully Kempthorne will get the true picture. The CNMI and our people are not as evil as the DC Democrats and the extremist bloggers make us to be.