Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Is Tenorio Thinking?

As we all know, Cohen is working with Stayman to stick it to the NMI. By helping Stayman, Cohen protects his friends in America Samoa (who also happens to be friends with Nancy "Friends of Damascas" Pelosi). Stayman then gets to stick it to the Islands who have never given to his political interests when he was head of Insular Affairs under Clinton.

There was a meeting in which was supposed to be for federal agenicies, but somehow, Tenorio was "brought in" to discuss some issues which were counter to the wishes of the NMI.

Could Tenorio be too cozy with the new majority in Congress? Could he be part of the Cohen/Stayman plan? Let's watch the money train! The DC Democrats like to bring up Abramoff, but it looks like they are planning a game to really rip off the NMI, while reward those who help.


There seems to be a plan being hatched to make the rest of DC believe that a federal takeover of immigration and the sudden and drastic increase in the minimum wage is what the NMI wishes for itself.

Business interests in America Samoa profiting from NMI punishment? Democrat Party hurting the NMI for its past support of the GOP? Tenorio possibly getting support from outsiders?

What is Tenorio thinking?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Damascas and Saipan

So, the DC Democrats are in control of both the US House and the US Senate. Instead of focusing on issues pertaining to US citizens, leadership has been focused on two areas --

The Federalization of NMI's immigration and opening up dialogue with Damascas -- international terrorism's bankroll.

Never mind the fact that most Americans want stronger borders on the mainland -- the DC Democrats would rather ignore the needs of Americans and would rather placate foreign nationals on a set of Islands thousands of miles a away by offering amnesty opportunities. Never mind that US troops need financial assistance -- DC Democrats sip coffee with the very leadership who pay for the guns and bullets that kill our soldiers.

The DC Democrats are in the majority and all they are doing is fostering anti-US sentiment. They wish to hurt the Insular areas, unless we pony up campaign dough and they placate the leaders of international terrorists.

It's unbelievable that even a tiny majority here on the Islands support this kind of leadership.
Let them know that you are against their federal takeover and their anti-American activities by visiting http://www.islandcrusader.com/