Thursday, March 8, 2007

Maybe if the CNMI raises dough for Allen Stayman friends -- the federal immigration takeover will stop.

It's true that using government time and resources for partisan political activities violates the Hatch Act. Stayman learned this lesson back in the 1990s. As Director of Insular Affairs -- he was really Clinton's "Islands Shake Down" man.

Many people don't realize that he had to resign his post, because of the swirling ethics violations.

How effective was he at his job? Well ask Guam's business community during the 1996 cycle -- $382,000.00 for Clinton/Gore and $510,000.00 to the Democrat Party. A month after the elections, Guam was granted greater control over labor and immigration issues.

But, now, Stayman thinks the CNMI should have less? Who should we give to?

Stayman hasn't looked into Samoa. Who is their business community giving to (I'm smelling fish money in Dem Leadership coffers)?

Nothing against the other islands. What they do is their own business. We just don't won't cave to a shake up artist.

Stayman should worry less about his personal vendetta and partisan politics and focus on the American people. As a government employee, he should focus on the important issues which are pressing in the US. He serves the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Since he decided to visit the Islands -- maybe he could have spent more time focusing on energy issues? We have serious energy issues -- high costs, minimal capacity, rolling brown outs. Being on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources -- couldn't he help our Islands?We have American citizens who could use the help -- but he ignores our true needs.

Stayman doesn't care -- unless you write the big checks to the DNC. He has a track record to prove it.


NotAStaymanFan said...

Crazy to think that people buy into the thought that a federal take over of our immigration would lead to green cards and citizenship. Most of the people here working in the garment factories, hotels and resorts could never get working visas based on US standards. Everyone would be sent home!

If US Citizenship is what people want -- go ahead and apply. Everyone knew the laws before they came here. It was much easier to come to Saipan than the US. Now that they are here they want the laws changed? Why not go to the US in the first place? Seems like some people are trying to find a way to cut in line to get into the US.

Johnny U said...

Island Crusader, can you do some research on Labor Unions and their contributions to Akaka, Tester, Pelosi and Miller? I would bet that these guys are accepting a ton of money from unions. I would think unions would be drooling to get a piece of the labor work force in the CNMI, especially if they all became US voters overnight!

The Saipan Blogger said...

Are you too lazy to do the research yourself or do you just not know where to look? Miller gets 2/3 of his PAC money from labor unions.

Click HERE

You can do the rest of the research yourself.

Anonymous said...

It's to the benefit of the unions to destroy the CNMI economy. Think about it. As factories close, more work can then be allocated to the garment companies in the US. This will create more union jobs. More union apparel jobs in the US means more money in union coffers to give to Democrat leadership. This is why taking out the CNMI economy is priority number one.

YoYoYo said...

Wassup! don't you poeple fish? Catch fish and write checksizzles. Dats how da game is played. Don't hate da playa, hate da game. Stayman is da pimp.