Saturday, March 3, 2007

Call To Action! Stop the Democrat Onslaught of the CNMI!

Senator Pete Domenici is the ranking Republican for the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. Please email him and tell him to save the CNMI from a federal takeover. Tell the Senator that a federal takeover will only hurt small businesses, cut jobs and destroy our economy. Also, tell him that this will be costly to the American taxpayer and that the money is better strengthening the borders of the US.

You can email him using this form:

Thank you for your support and taking the time out to help the families of the CNMI.


The Saipan Blogger said...

Hey! I'm one of those liberal Democrats...but, oh wait, I'm not from DC. OK, keep going. My bad.

Anonymous said...

I know of a lot of liberal Democrats in the CNMI, most of whom believe in the basic premise of what the National Democrats stand for.

However, from my discussions with them, I would say 90% say they disagree with the National Democrat’s use of CNMI issues for political gain.

This very large percentage of my straw survey, all agree that the National Democrats are sensationalizing the problems that the CNMI has in order to keep the Abramoff story alive in the media. Of course none of us deny that there are problems in the CNMI, however.....ALL of us agree that those problems are NOT out of control or believe that those problems are so egregious that it deserves US Congressional oversight.

After all, do most National Democratic Senators or Congressmen deny that similar problems exist in their state or district? Is Congressman Miller saying that his district does not have labor problems? Is Congressman Miller or Senator Testor saying that his district does not have prostitution? Is Congressman Miller or Senator Testor saying that drugs are not trafficked in his district? Of course not. Congressman Miller and Senator Testor both acknowledge all of these issues exist in their districts. They also acknowledge that their districts do everything in their power to control these very issues and that they are not so out of control that it requires Congressional Oversight of their state or district.

Therefore, the question is if the CNMI problems have led to National Security issues or National Disgrace? Are they problems that the CNMI residents and their leadership can not control or correct on their own? Are the CNMI problems so huge and out of control that the Federal Government must come in to take over.

I would ask anyone to show me statistics that prove that the CNMI is out of control. “Out of Control” being the key phrase, because I agree that “problems” do exist. The question again is “are the CNMI problems out of control or beyond local government control.” I have yet to see such statistics anywhere.

I and my Democratic friends in the CNMI agree that we, (the CNMI), can make changes and should make changes on our own.

Grace said...

It is important not to confuse the Democrats in the CNMI and the Democrats in the States. Many Democrats in the CNMI are AGAINST the whole concept of any possibility of a federal "takeover" of our Islands.

We are able to solve the problems ourselves and should be given a chance. I am offended that the people in Washington would make decisions to run our Islands and offer us no representation in Congress. Guam and many other territories have delegates at the very least. Before any legislation is discussed we should be able to have someone representing us at the table.

The Saipan Blogger said...

I think our arguments against the takeover are week. Try this one:

Mainland Democrat: "We have to take over labor and immigration to protect the human rights of the garment workers."

Hypothetical CNMI Person: "Why are you trying to force Gay Marriage on us? Why are you trying to destroy my family and my culture?"

It worked for the Republicans in 2004. It will work for us in 2007.

Anonymous said...

WOW... for one who claims that they are a crusader your censorship is disgusting. how about posting all the comments not those in your corner or written by you?

The Truth Hurts said...

To Saipan Blogger and Anonymous (2):

First, I encourage both of you to come up with REAL PROVABLE FACTS regarding "rampant and out of control" HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE in the CNMI.

Again, most people are like clones and just follow the media hysteria cooked up about our islands.

I agree, there were isolated problems in the late 90's. The key word is "isolated". And although I would agree that problems still exist, they are in no way rampant and out of control.

Please show me statistics that prove what you have taken to be fact from the liberal media.

I would bet you have none. This is why the US Government and liberal media only bring up 10 year old data. Data I would also suggest that would compare to any other State in the Union when you compare them to violations of human rights.

Are anonymous (2) and Saipan blogger saying that the CNMI is alone in human rights violations?

Wait don't answer that, I can answer it for you:

Here is a quote from that Page:

In a report describing the treatment of child farmworkers in the United States, Human Rights Watch found that over 300,000 children worked as hired laborers on commercial farms, frequently under dangerous and grueling conditions. The child farmworkers worked long hours for little pay and risked pesticide poisoning, heat illnesses, injuries, and life-long disabilities. They accounted for 8 percent of working children in the United States but suffered 40 percent of work-related fatalities.

Children working on U.S. farms often worked twelve-hour days, sometimes beginning at 3:00 or 4:00 am. They reported routine exposure to dangerous pesticides that cause cancer and brain damage, with short-term symptoms including rashes, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Young farmworkers became dizzy from laboring in excessive temperatures without adequate access to drinking water, and were forced to work without access to toilets or hand washing facilities. Long hours of work also interfered with the education of children working in the fields, causing them to miss school and leaving them too exhausted to study or stay awake in class. Only 55 percent of farmworker children in the United States completed high school.

Even to the limited extent that U.S. laws did protect farmworker children, they were not adequately enforced. The U.S. Department of Labor, charged with enforcement of the child labor, wage and hour provisions of federal labor law, cited only 104 cases of child labor violations in fiscal year 1998, even though an estimated one million child labor violations occur in US agriculture every year. Compounding the problem, penalties were typically too weak to discourage employers from using illegal child labor.

This is who you want us to give into?

This is who you want us to admire?

Grow up and do some research on a subject before you form an opinion on it.....

Otherwise stop wasting people's time and efforts to do what is right for the CNMI.

BTW...Saipan Blogger………"week" is spelled "weak" and Anonymous…..censoring propaganda and posting truth is what is needed now. Enough is enough with this misguided media machine that is producing clones and “followers” like yourselves…

Anonymous said...

Sarah~Thank you for drawing attention to such an important issue. I believe that the anti-CNMI movement is hoping that we sit quietly by as they pass their anti-CNMI agenda. Wake up Friends!