Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Is Stayman Sincere In Wanting To Help? Not.

Stayman is nothing more than a DC Democrat attack dog. He and the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team (throw in Miller, but he's a has been) LOVE to address how they want to end corruption, blah, blah, blah....

Let us rewind,

Campaigning while on the federal payroll? Signing off on memos he doesn't recall?

Stayman, himself, is an individual with proven questionable ethics. He has a track record of attacking the CNMI. Stayman has a track record of placing politics over anything else. He is vicious and he hates the people of the CNMI.

And, he claims he wants to work with the people of the CNMI?

He's the secret weapon for the Pelosi/Cohen/Tester Team -- don't let him fool you.


Joe Arriola said...

Great job Sarah!

Please continue to expose the true agenda of the people who are using the CNMI as a personal vendetta against Abramoff among other reasons....

Allen Stayman: An admitted Democratic Far left attack dog
David Cohen: An obvious bias (pro-American Samoa) democratic cash collector for StarKist (DelMonte)
Nancy Pelosi: Her husband owns shares of Del Monte….so you can figure what her position is.
George Miller: Trying to get revenge for what Abramoff and Delay did by embarrassing him
Jon Tester: New guy looking to cash in on his campaign promises by proving the CNMI is corrupt….even if it is based on lies and his own corruption.

This is the truth….keep it coming.

WE love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Stayman is a crook and racist.

He did not like it when an uneducated local outsmarted him.

Then when his own actions (see your web link) got him fired, he blamed it on Governor Tenorio and Abramoff.

He is a liar and he only wants one thing.

Punish the people of the CNMI for what they did to him.

He is probably the writer "Dengre" in Daily Kos...I would not doubt it.

sounds just like him

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree if you look at "dengre" on Daily Kos -- it fits the style and language of Stayman. He is a racist. He is the perfect attack dog for the Dems. Samoa is lucky that he is leashed not to go after them.