Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cohen Works For Homeland Security?

Cohen is so anxious to give cover to his friends in Samoa that he's willing to sell the CNMI out. We all know that he has pulled the waffle -- "the Administration supports legislation, ""the Administration does not support legislation,"" the Administration encourages legislation, but there is no legislation." Cohen flip flops.

Cohen states that the White House approved of his prewritten statements, but his statement regarding the position of the White House was in the question and answer period -- how could the White House approve his answers? He has LIED to the people of the CNMI. See the script from the hearing:
Chairman Bingaman: “….so is it the administration’s position that it wants to work with Congress to develop (federal immigration) legislation that will be sensitive to these problems and can be passed in this Congress? Is that the administration’s position?”

Dep Asst Sec Cohen: “YES………we are absolutely ready to work with our congress on good (federal immigration) legislation. We don’t necessarily say that that is the only option but we are here ready to work with you to fashion good (federal immigration) legislation…

Chairman Bingaman: “is there a better option”

Dep Asst Sec Cohen: “Perhaps not…..good (federal immigration) legislation perhaps is the best option and we are still studying that and we are studying that and the a legislation that had been passed before in light of a current circumstances and current needs, I think mostly we want to make sure that we don’t inadvertently do anything that would be harmful”

Chairman Bingaman: “right….in 2001 the administration strongly supported the bill that this committee reported out and passed through the full senate, a I guess you are saying that a you are a little luke warm on the whole idea of us passing (federal immigration) legislation in this area now…or am I misreading that?….I am just trying, I’m trying to figure out to what extent is the administration is willing to … to fully engage with the congress with this committee in developing (federal immigration) legislation that we can then move ahead with”

Dep Asst Sec Cohen: “yeah…Mr. Chairman I would not say that we are luke warm about working with you to pass (federal immigration) legislation, we are just cautioning a…you know…against a the potential side effects of bad (federal immigration) legislation….but I think good (federal immigration) legislation which is something that would result in the type of process that we are all talking about a….can really help the situation and put the CNMI on a path to a much -stronger and more secure future”


Take a look for yourself -- Cohen responds that the Administration's position is to work with Congress for a Federal Takeover. But, when asked directly by media -- Cohen states that the White House does not have a position -- which is it? Someone is lying.

Now, he's meeting with Foreign Nationals to discuss immigration. Isn't this the job of Homeland Security or the State Department? http://www.mvariety.com/calendar/march/19/localpage/lnews36.htm

If he's going to meet with Foreign Nationals regarding immigration -- why not meet with the Koreans who were held prisoner by a garment manufacturer in Samoa?

We know all he is trying to do is rally support for an immigration take over in the CNMI. His job is to protect ALL the insular areas -- not punish one for the DC Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Cohen will be here soon and he'll try to repair his "flip flop" work. Our government should request that the Bush Administration send a different representative. Cohen is evidently working with the Democrats to punish one set of islandswithout looking into the other areas. There is no fairness in partisanship activities. This is evident here.

Truth said...

David Cohen has family members who are recipients of DOI grants and contracts. How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

Everyone should see how this guy is sucking up to everyone at the conference in Saipan. The funny thing is that everyone knows he's a big joke. He sucks up when we're all around then he tries to stick it to our rears when we aren't looking. The sad part is that he thinks we don't realize it.

He's at least smart enough to get contracts for his family.