Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Does Stayman Have The Background To Help The CNMI?

One thing about our dear friend -- Allen Stayman --is that he is a highly decorated public servant and interesting friend (Not!) of the CNMI. He's not new to the scene as you can see in this 1999 Press Release

Allen Stayman is in the Ethics Hall of Shame. Congratulations, again, Allen!

We must remind people that Stayman is a Democrat party attack dog. He has a history of trying to stick it to our people and to the CNMI. He's a one man lynch mob. If an Insular Island doesn't cough up dough for the DNC, he'll take your Island down.

It's scarry to think that the new majority on the Hill would allow evident partisan players with questionable ethics to help direct policy. If Stayman utilized his previous positions to hurt the CNMI and aid Democrats -- what does everyone think he'll do now at Energy and Natural Resources?

CNMI, rally together and stop the madness! The Stayman train needs to stop!

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Susan Reyes said...

This is outrageous, for Stayman to accuse the CNMI of working with Abramoff in order to use political influence to protect our rights is like the pot calling the kettle “black”. This link proves that this guy is out for pay back for his lost job. He was caught using dirty partisan political tricks while on the Federal payroll and in the same breath has the guts to accuse the CNMI of being “influence peddlers”.

Why is he hired by the Senate Energy Committee with this type of background? Especially with his ethics and hatch act violations. Does Chairman Bingaman even know about Stayman’s past and his obvious fixation on the CNMI? Because of the conflict of interest, Stayman should be immediately removed, otherwise this committee will have some explaining to do.