Saturday, March 3, 2007

I Bet Senator Tester Doesn't Even Know Where the CNMI Is On A Map.

Senator Tester, in recent hearings, sat and threw out a handful of questions, really didn't listen to the answers and when he made his points (through the way he asked questions) created a negative and false image of the Islands -- he suggested that the CNMI was an island filled with organized crime, a high drug using population and a community which supports abuse of women abroad.

I looked at statistics and if you look into the actual numbers -- the state Tester represents has HIGHER numbers of crime in every category in comparison to the CNMI. Before he bashes the good people of the CNMI, he should actually worry about the state he was elected to serve. Feel free to compare Tester's State's crime rate with ours

He likes to demonize the CNMI so he can continue to raise money from his liberal groups.

Let me set the record straight. The people of the CNMI are a good people. We don't ask the US for entitlements or complain that we need more. We have pride in our community and work hard for ourselves and for our families.

A strong majority of our community is Catholic -- and if Tester and the rest of his liberal friends understood anything about God and our faith -- good Catholic Island women aren't easily disrespected by men-- we run the home. :-) Our Islands are far from being abusive to women -- I'm curious of the statistics in Tester's home state with regard to abuse of women (feel free to compare crime stats above).

Tourism is one of our largest industries. One thing that Tester fails to mention is that most of the people who visit are families. That's right -- mothers and fathers with their children. Most of the families who visit are Asian -- maybe Tester has a problem with Asians. Maybe Tester has a problem with Islanders -- I'm not too sure (I think he really has an issue that we are Catholics).

Many of our biggest resorts cater to families with wonderful amenities for children -- below you will see links to two of my favorites. The wonderful thing is that our Islands are much more affordable for families than most resorts in the US. We enjoy the laughter of children on our beaches and the warmth of the families who visit.

Senator Tester would rather attack our Islands with lies. He would rather attack those who invest in our hard work and the wonderful Asian communities who visit.

We're thousands of miles away and he probably could not find us on a map easily, yet Tester speaks as if he knows our Islands. He is sooooooo far from the truth, but he is the type to say anything despite the problems in his own back yard and for more $$$$$$$ from his liberal friends.

My hope is that US legislators find the truth and support the hard working, God loving people of the CNMI and share appreciation to the families who visit our humble Islands.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Q&A by tester during the hearing (online)

It was very evident that his mind was made up already and he was not even interested in what the CNMI had to say. He was using quotes and data from 1996 & 1998 and had done no further research to find out anything positive regarding the CNMI.

The agenda was obvious, punish the CNMI in order to get Tester's name in papers as protecting the US borders from CNMI drugs and protect the CNMI prostitutes from exploitation. What a joke.

Thanks island crusader for showing the stats on crime. This shows the obvious political nature of this witch hunt.

Plain and simple, the CNMI is being punished in order to get more political donations from the far left wing of Dem supporters in DC.

Sad commentary, especially coming from a Senator who had so much promise for his future. Some of his staffers should do a better job in research, otherwise those staffers may be to blame for Tester's ouster from the Senate!

Grace said...

On the issue of money laundering you are correct that we are part of the US banking system and the US has jurisdiction over ur activities.

It's interesting that Tester's state has off-shore banking -- maybe he should look into money laundering in his own backyard. It's much easier there.

Pete S said...

Tester doesn't know where the CNMI is...

Geezus, this guy doesn't even know he is a Senator in the Senate.

Take a look at a report from "The Hill".

One sharp-eared tipster caught a few rookie mistakes emanating from gavel-holders Thursday. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) at one point was attempting to call to order the unruly Senate after a vote, so that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) could speak. He banged the gavel and said authoritatively, “Have order in the House!”

Someone on the floor responded, “House?”

Tester hastily corrected himself. “The Senate. My mistake.”


Imagine how he will feel when he finds out his position on the CNMI is a mistake?