Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quietly They Lurk....The Liberals Plan...

So, it's been quiet, but the Stayman/Pelosi/Miller/Tester/Cohen Team have been reassessing.

The national immigration debate is starting to heat up. A majority of Americans want their immediate borders secure. A majority of Americans are against amnesty. Quite frankly, a majority of Americans really don't care about what's going on thousands of miles away on a small set of islands. They care about their own backyards -- especially when illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans, drug smugglers are selling their products to American children and terrorists continue to plot against America.

How is the Stayman "shake down" going to be justified by the DC Democrats? Federal takeover of CNMI immigration is just diverting necessary resources AWAY from the US Border Patrol, US Customs, Homeland Security and other US law enforcement agencies.

Drug smugglers, illegal immigrants, terrorists are crossing the immediate borders of the US and the Stayman's Democrat party wants to divert resources away from what America wants strengthened?

Americans want results for America. Stayman should focus on what's important to the American people -- not Islands which have not been major contributors to the Democrat party.


LeaveUsAlone! said...

It's so like the Washingtonians thinking that they have the answers to all the world's problems. They probably don't even know the difference between a covenant and a territory yet they want to dictate our policy.

Manny Sablan said...

Maybe the US Federal Government should be looking at their own back yard... take a look at this article:

The Southern Poverty Law Center just released a blistering report citing all the problems with the US Immigration Guest Worker Problems.

And the US Democrats want us to throw away our system and adopt their broken one???

Give me a break...

This is political exploitation of a non-issue in the CNMI used to associate Republicans with lies put in play by the Democratic goal for the White House in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I believe our group of CNMI attackers (Pelosi/Cohen/Stayman/Tester/Akaka/Miller) have been a bit quiet due to the fact that they can not find any "recent" facts to back up their decade old information.

I guess they need more time to make up stuff...

The silence is deafening....and their cause is losing momentum.

I think it is about time to bring up Jack Abramoff again…….yeah…..that will do it…..that should get the Dems back on track…..

Anonymous said...

Those liberal Senators never cared about the CNMI. Everything they complain about is happening in their own Districts/backyards too but they won't look there. They just want to attack the Republicans. If Jack Abramoff can be used as a hammer to get rid of Tom Delay and our other friends in Congress they don't care if we get stepped on.

They've taken over the Congress and now they want the rest of the government. Their next target is the Attorney General/Carl Rove and they're using old news from Guam this time.

Rove's footprints

YoYoYoYo said...

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