Friday, March 9, 2007

Fuzzy DC Democrat Math on the CNMI

So, unbeknownst to the Senators on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, what evidence does Stayman present to support that there are 6000 illegal aliens in the CNMI? He has no evidence – just fuzzy math.

A couple years ago, Stayman and his politically motivated DC Democrat cronies spouted out that there were over 7,000 (1000 more than he is stating now) undocumented workers in the CNMI. But, as CNMI Immigration Director Mel Grey was quoted (see post: ) states -- an “Amnesty” Program was created and only approximately 2,000 applied (more than half HAD legal status). Where were the other more than 5000 people that Stayman said exists?

They don’t exist. Saipan isn’t that big. It's a tiny island. It would be easy to find the 5000 people if they really existed. It’s his fuzzy math. Stayman’s background lends itself that if BIG contributions are given – the 5000 people would “disappear.”

Stayman and his Pelosi/Miller/Tester liberal cronies throw out big numbers even if they don’t exist -- no proof, nada. If Stayman really wants to help the CNMI and he serves on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources – why not help us with our energy issues? We do need help – not a take over of our immigration.

It would cost US Taxpayers hundreds of million of dollars to take over CNMI immigration. Since the DC Democrats are interested in spending all that money -- why not toss in another 20 million so we can have efficient energy and drinking water?


Anonymous said...

Wait until word gets out that the US Senate is supporting amnesty and helping illegal aliens in a tiny island while blowing off the real problem of illegal immigration on our borders. America wants to crack down on illegal immigration, build walls and strengthen efforts. How will this be accomplished when the US Senate wastes taxpayer dollars on an island?

Bill said...

Why doesn't the federal government offer us incentives to help us develop our economy? It wouldn't take too much money and would be greatly appreciated.

Power for Saipan NOW! said...


What about freakin power? Our power is rationed everyday and hotel use generators to run.

Did Stayman and his flunkies ever visit our CUC plant? Did he offer us any incentives or US Congressional Bills to introduce which would reduce our cost of fuel?

They don't give a shit about us.

They just want their land to save their "mainland". We are their bleepin pawns in this N. Korea chess game.

Thanks Sarah for being a fighter. Only wish there were more like you on Saipan.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy Math...

Try this on for size: Here is a list of our "anti" CNMI Senators and Congressman and the amount of money they received in the 2006 Election from Labor PAC's and individual donations from Unions:

Senator Daniel K Akaka: $612,720
Congressman George Miller: $489,000
Speaker Nancy Pelosi: $514,000
Senator Jon Tester: $262,000

I would be venture to say that the real reason for the Federal Take over of immigration in the CNMI is a bit "fuzzy" as this type of PAID INTEREST will have obvious intentions to protect LABOR UNION jobs in the US Mainland.

You can find this information at:

Anonymous said...

Tell the overpaid unqualified managers at CUC to fix the water and power. Mismanagement begins at the top. The Lt. Governor should know all aobut it he was given the top job because of his name and just made things worse. How do you blame that on the federal government?

KAP said...
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Bill S said...

To Anonymous (March 10: 5:58AM)

I would suggest you do some deeper digging in your assumptions of CUC. Sure, everyone knows about the inability of our locals to adequately manage our power and water. This has been proven by the multiple blackouts on island and the signing of stupid price contracts for fuel we have with Mobil.

However I would venture to say that you and a bunch of other people don't know that the Department of Interior, since 2004, has been working with the CNMI by offering technical assistants to CUC with Federal tax dollars.

Who might you ask authorized these "technical assistants" contracts???

None other than our own David Cohen.

And "who" might you ask were awarded those lucrative Federal Dollar contracts? ($150K and $250K)

None other than an American Samoan company that has direct ties to David Cohen.

Blame lies where blame is earned.

Government corruption was not invented in the CNMI, we just learned it from the Pros in DC.

We are all just a pawn in this big business political game.

Focus should be on the DOI and US Congress.......not us.