Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death For the CNMI Looming

Stayman & Fellow DC Democrats continue their assault on the CNMI. They've increased the minimum wage and the result has been more closures of CNMI businesses.

They are working hard to kill tourism with a federal takeover of immigration.

If this happens -- I hope the US taxpayers are ready to pay for all the entitlements the CNMI will need since businesses will now be closed up and we'll all be jobless. With amnesty -- we'll have more mouths to feed.

Oh, and don't forget about the US taxpayers having to fund the immigration system in the CNMI -- that will be an additional cost to the US taxpayer.

Wait until we figure out the costs of all of this -- the taxpayers in the US will want to know come elections.


bradinthesand said...

Don't worry, Sarah. The CNMI will survive just as its people have through thick and thin since the days of Taga.

I think that most of the jobs that will be lost will be from off-island folks anyway.

In the near future the jobs might be fewer, but so will the workforce when people go back to China and the Philippines.

Fifty cents in six months won't kill us. And we've got eight years to double the minimum wage. It's gonna be okay for us.

We'll make it work somehow. We have to.

Have faith, prima.


I never said...

Yeah, but you know, even if a portion of their earnings are being sent back to their homelands, guest workers sure play a big part in pumping money into our little island economy. Along with the rise in the minimum wage, we'll also be seeing a jump in the price of goods when these guest workers make their mass exodus due to businesses shutting down.
So for those hangin' around, looks like it's just going to be you and me kid(s). [sfx:wind blowing]
Look! I thought I saw a tourist! Oh, silly me, what was I thinking? They're all on Guam where rates are cheaper...

Anonymous said...

Brad it right...the people this is going to hurt immediately are the non-resident workers. Talk about a moronic move...the US Liberals are so bleeding heart that they are willing to stab other people in the heart so that they can die a slow death with them.

I employ about 25 Non-residents, all of whom support a family and send money back home to their country. This wage hike will cause me to lay off roughly half of them and send them back home.

Ask these people how they feel abou the US Minimum Wage implementation....

For those companies who can't afford to lay off personnel, what do you think they will do in order to make ends meet? I know what I would do....I would raise prices and cut back on inventory. This means a higher cost for consumers, which hits the lower wage earner the hardest and lack of variety for services and goods for consumers to choose from.

Yes, we will make it somehow, but this is going to be a slow process and a painful one at that.

Faith is going to have to be steep otherwise we on Saipan could do something STUPID and give into the temptation for a fast fix and pass gambling.

If we do that, I am going to move as we would surely lose control then. Imagine the Chinese Mafia and Japanes Yakusa shooting up our streets for territory rights...

Just like they shot the Nagasaki Mayor in the streets of Japan, our elected leaders should be well aware of what is at risk.

After all, when gambling is past on Saipan....instead of working for the Garment factories they will be working for the casinos. And unlike the garment factories, the Casino gangs kill people for not following directions....

Anybody in for that future for the CNMI...???

Hey why not?

After all faith is for suckers..