Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Is Tenorio Thinking?

As we all know, Cohen is working with Stayman to stick it to the NMI. By helping Stayman, Cohen protects his friends in America Samoa (who also happens to be friends with Nancy "Friends of Damascas" Pelosi). Stayman then gets to stick it to the Islands who have never given to his political interests when he was head of Insular Affairs under Clinton.

There was a meeting in which was supposed to be for federal agenicies, but somehow, Tenorio was "brought in" to discuss some issues which were counter to the wishes of the NMI.

Could Tenorio be too cozy with the new majority in Congress? Could he be part of the Cohen/Stayman plan? Let's watch the money train! The DC Democrats like to bring up Abramoff, but it looks like they are planning a game to really rip off the NMI, while reward those who help.


There seems to be a plan being hatched to make the rest of DC believe that a federal takeover of immigration and the sudden and drastic increase in the minimum wage is what the NMI wishes for itself.

Business interests in America Samoa profiting from NMI punishment? Democrat Party hurting the NMI for its past support of the GOP? Tenorio possibly getting support from outsiders?

What is Tenorio thinking?


Anonymous said...

Tenorio is cozying up to the new majority so that if/when Congress allows the CNMI to have a delegate, he'll be a front runner. He needs to worry less about what the Capitol Hill people wish for and worry more about the needs of the voters at home.

Anonymous said...

This guy is CRAZY. He doesn't represent the islands, he reps the rich fat cats he kisses up to.

Anonymous said...

wow!! I hope you do an article on Mark Zachares' cnmi conncection.

Jess Cruz said...

You know, Pete A has to be careful. We are all watching how he is so eager to give up our rights. I would suggest that he sit down with that attorney O'Connor who was on John Oliver's show about 2 months ago.

Even though that attorney is white he has more chamorro spirit that our sell out representative Pete A. Pete A better start fighting for our rights and stop kissing up to the USA, otherwise he better stay in DC cause he won't be able to come back home.